Castrol Fund Platform Review: Real or Fake

Hello guys, have you heard about the Castrol Fund Platform, if yes then you must know that this application gives you 10x of your investment.

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Yes friends, this investment app claims so, you know that new applications keep coming into the market every day, and this application is also becoming quite viral right now.

Today we are going to talk about the Castrol Fund Platform Review, you will be advised whether you should invest in it or not, and whether this platform is genuine or not, if this platform is genuine then how many days is it going to stay in the market, you will get the answers to all these questions in this post today.

Castrol Fund Earning App Details?

App Link
Alternative App
Invite CodeNI4CB6
Launch Date2 June

As you already know Castrol is a British oil company that markets industrial and automotive lubricants, offering a wide range of oil, greases, etc.

This application is becoming viral very fast in the market now. which claims to provide you with high returns on low investment, many YouTubers and telegram channels say that this is a long-term earning application, is it true – do you know?

Friends, on this earning and investment platform, you will find many investment-related plans that are very attractive to look at, most of the users get attracted and are also forced to invest in them, they make such attractive offers that greed can arise in people’s minds.

According to the Castrol Fund Earning App, you can earn ₹ 7,0080 by investing only ₹ 3200 from this platform. You can find more such Earning-related plans on this platform which are given in the list below, you can check them out.

Sr.Invest AmountDaily EarningTotal Earning Period
1₹ 3200₹ 192₹ 70080.00365 Days
2₹ 69000₹ 3312₹ 1805040.00545 Days
3₹ 138000₹ 6762₹ 3685290.00545 Days
4₹ 35000₹ 1540₹ 562100.00365 Days
515000₹ 645 ₹ 235425.00365 Days

You can find more such plans on this platform and if you do not have money to invest in it, you can earn from this platform without spending money. For that, you just have to share your referral link with your friends and ask them to invest. If they invest through your link, then you will get a commission of 10% of their investment.

Castrol Fund Platform Real or Fake

Do you also doubt that the Castrol Fund platform is fake, then your doubt is correct because the Castrol Fund Earning App is a fake investment platform.

Because such earning platforms are made for looting money from you, when these platforms come into the market, they promote their platform a lot through YouTubers and Telegram channels so that people can feel that this is a genuine platform.

Also, They build trust further with the real company and real logo so that people can be sure that this is an investment app launched by a real company.

Nothing like this happens and this is not the case either. Castrol has not yet launched any of its investment-related earning apps. This is a fake application. If you are investing in it, then B4Review’s opinion is that you should not invest in this platform.

Because such applications come in the market for 10 to 15 days and when it becomes profitable then it takes away your invested amount.

According to our research, this platform is now a guest for a few days only. If you are thinking of investing in it, then do not invest in this platform at all because it will soon run away with your money.

Reasons to not invest in this fake investment app:-

  • Castrol never launched any earning app.
  • No company founder found
  • No withdrawal in the future
  • No Long-term earning App
  • Not available in the Play Store 
  • Not available in the App Store 
  • No social media handle.
  • Duplicating Company logo and name 

Castrol Fund Earning App Review

Castrol Fund Platform

Sarthak Gupta

Author’s Rating


As you know Castrol is an oil manufacturing company and this company has not launched any earning platform or investing platform yet, but some scammers have created an investing and earning platform where it is being claimed that high returns are being given in low investment, which is completely wrong because Castrol has not launched any earning and investing platform yet and according to the research of B4Review, Castrol Fund is a fake application and our opinion would be that you should not invest in this application if you are thinking of doing it, then do not invest on this platform at all because this application is going to be closed in a few days.


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