Schneider Electric Earning App Review: Real or fake

Friends, applications related to earning and investing keep coming in the market every day, but every user has this concern in his mind about whether this application is genuine or fake and whether we should invest our money in such investing and earning applications or not, this is the big question.

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One such earning and investing-related app named Schneider Electric is becoming viral very fast. This application claims that if you invest in it in small amounts then it can provide you with very high returns. But still, the question remains in your mind whether we should invest in this platform or not or how many days this application is going to stay in the market.

You will know the answer to all these questions in today’s Schneider Electric Earning App Review. Through this post, you will know whether you should invest in this application or not, whether this application is real or not, and how many days this application is going to stay in the market. All this information will be known to you through this post today.

Schneider Electric Earning App Details

App Link
Invite CodeAqNX
Launch Date22 June

Schneider Electric is an online investing and earning application. This application claims that if you invest a small amount in it, it can provide you with a very high return. This is the claim of this application and you can see many investment-related plans in this application that are very attractive, due to which you are forced to invest in it.

Now, This application is becoming viral very fast at this time because it is being promoted by YouTubers and Telegram channels, where you are advised to invest but it depends on you whether you want to invest on this platform or not.

According to the Albemarle Earning App, you can earn ₹ 7,086 by investing only ₹ 508 from this platform, and that too in just 39 days. On this earning platform, you get to see many more investment-related offers that we have given in the list, you can check them further.

  • Plan:- Standards
Standards PlansInvest AmountDaily EarningTotal Earning Period
1508 RS₹ 157₹ 7,086.6045 Days
21,980 RS₹ 693₹ 30,492.0044 Days
34,980 RS₹ 1,842₹ 79,231.8043 Days
420,800 RS₹ 8,112₹ 340,704.0042 Days
550000 RS₹ 21000₹ 840,000.0040 Days
698,000 RS₹ 44,100₹ 1,675,800.0038 Days
  • Plan:- Upgrades
Upgrade PlansInvestment Amount Daily Earning Total Earning Period
 1₹ 288.00₹ 432₹ 432.001 Day
2₹1,680.00₹924₹2,772.003 Days
3₹4,580.00₹ 2748₹ 8,244.003 Days
4₹9,800.00₹ 6370₹ 19,110.003 Days
5₹ 20,800.00₹ 14560₹ 43,680.003 Days
6₹ 48,000.00₹ 36000₹ 108,000.003 Days
7₹ 68,000.00₹ 54400₹ 163,200.003 Days
8₹ 88,000.00₹ 79200₹237,600.003 Days
  • Plan:-Newest
Newest PlanInvestment Amount Daily Earning Total Earning Period
1₹ 510 91₹ 734.408 Days
2₹ 2,100₹ 693₹ 17,325.0025 Days
3₹ 5,100₹ 1785₹ 42,840.0024 Days
4₹ 9,100₹ 3458₹ 82,992.0024 Days

You will find all such plans in this earning application and you can also earn without investment in it, for that you just have to share your referral link with your friends and ask them to invest in this application, if they invest through your link then you will get 35% commission of their investment plus ₹ 100 more.

Schneider Electric Earning App Real or Fake

In Reality, Schneider Electric is a French-based multinational company that specializes in digital automation. And till now no earning and investing platform has been launched by this company nor will you get any details about this earning app on its official website, so according to B4 Review research, the Schneider Electric Earning App is a fake application and if you are investing in it then it is harmful to your money.

B4 Review requests you not to invest in any earning application because such platforms are made to loot money from people so that people invest in it and they run away with your money. Such platforms stay in the market only for 20 to 30 days and when they become profitable, they run away with your money. If you try to contact them, they neither see your messages nor pick up your calls.

The special thing is that the application is mostly promoted by YouTube channel and Telegram channels, where you are asked to invest in all these applications, but B4 Review is a site that never asks you to invest in such applications and we still request you that it is better for you if you do not invest in this application.

Reasons to not invest in this fake investment app:-

  • There is No Founder
  • There is No Privacy Policy
  • Website is Poorly Design
  • There is No Customer Support
  • There is No Social Media Account
  • Not on the Play Store
  • Not on the Apps Store
  • Registration number not found
  • Not from India [ Russian Domain ]
  • Scam People with their fake Plans
  • User-facing Withdrawal Problems in future

Schneider Electric Earning App Review

Schneider Electric

Sarthak Gupta

Author’s Rating


Recently, an application named Schneider Electric has become quite viral where this application claims that it can provide you high returns in low investment. In this application, you can see different types of investing plans. Friends, according to the research of B4 Review, this application is fake and a scam. If you are thinking of investing in it, then B4 Review’s opinion is that you should not invest in it, it is better for you because this application is going to be closed in a few days. If you have invested in it, then immediately withdraw your money from this application.


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