Oceanic Liquid Lab Review: Is it a Real Game?

Can you earn money by playing games? Yes, the Oceanic Liquid Lab application claims that you can earn real money by playing games.

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At this time, the most viral app in the games industry is the Oceanic Liquid Lab game app, it claims that you can earn lakhs of rupees in a minute.

But is the Oceanic Liquid Lab game real? Can we withdraw from this app? You will get all this information in this post today.

Because we are going to know Oceanic Liquid Lab Review and B4Review is a trusted website that gives you well-researched reviews of websites, apps, and technology.

What Is Oceanic Liquid Lab?

Nowadays, many gaming applications have come into the market where they pay you to play games, many apps are included in this like Zupee, Dream11, and Mpl such gaming applications are available where you get real money for playing games.

Among these gaming applications, the Oceanic Liquid Lab application also claims that you can earn thousands of rupees in a minute by playing games on its app.

This gaming application has been launched by Mob3 Studio and till now this application has been downloaded more than 10 lakh times on Play Store.

In this gaming app, you will get to see only one game, which is also very easy to play, in this game you just have to sort the colored water among the bottles, which even a fourth-class student can do easily.

How to Play Oceanic Liquid Lab?

Oceanic Liquid Lab app is giving you a thousand rupees for playing this simple & easy game and that too in a minute. It sounds so good and you must have seen the ads of this application where the same claim is being made.

  • Touch and hold a bottle to grab its colored water.
  • Slide the water into another bottle to fill it up.
  • Make sure the bottle you’re pouring into has enough space
  • Watch the colors and how much water is in each bottle.
  • Plan your moves carefully so you do not run out of options.

But the twist in the story now is that this application is not giving any money for playing the game., To know why it is not giving, read the full article.

Oceanic Liquid Lab Real or Fake

Do you also have the same doubt that this application is fake, then the answer is Yes Oceanic Liquid Lab is a fake gaming application.

Because this application charges a fee before withdrawing the amount which creates a lot of doubt on this application and according to B4Review research Oceanic Liquid Lab App is a fake gaming app and it is also a kind of scam.

In which after the Treshhold is completed, when you apply for withdrawal, it charges you a fee of ₹ 350 which does not give any earning application, even when you pay this fee, another fee is charged from above in the tax form, this is completely a scam in which you will only keep giving money and you will never be able to withdraw it.

Reasons to not play this game:-

  • There is no social media available
  • There is no founder
  • There is no privacy policy
  • There no website
  • There is no withdrawal proof found
  • There are a lot of annoying ads.
  • There is no customer support
  • There is no review on the Play Store, App Store

Oceanic Liquid Lab Review

Oceanic Liquid Lab App

Sarthak Gupta

Author’s Rating


According to the research B4review, Oceanic Liquid Labapp is a fake gaming app that will never give you withdrawal, rather it will charge you a fee to withdraw. Whenever you complete the threshold of this application, it charges you some fee to withdraw, which is wrong we do not have to pay this fee at all because this is a fake gaming app and if you have paid the fee, then do not pay any fee from now on because this application will not give you withdrawal at all, it is a fake gaming app.



If you have read this post well, then now you must have understood that the Oceanic Liquid Lab App is a fake earning application.

Today we have done Oceanic Liquid Lab Review in detailed knowledge. In today’s post, we have told you whether this is a real application or fake, and whether you can earn from this application or not, all this information will be understood by you through this post today.

is oceanic liquid lab safe?

No, it is not a safe gaming app it can scam you with money don’t install this app

oceanic liquid lab se paise kaise nikale

No, you can’t withdraw money from the oceanic liquid lab game because it is a fake gaming app it can’t give you money

oceanic liquid lab real or fake

Yes it is fake gaming app because they not give any withdwal and there no withdrawal found of it user.

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