Squirrel Loan App Review: is it Real or Fake

Friends, so many fake loan applications are present in the market, which were earlier available on the Play Store. Still, today these applications are creating their websites and trapping people.

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In today’s post, we are going to tell you about an application that gives you a loan but can put you in trouble if you do not repay the loan. Friends, B4Review is a trusted website that gives you well-researched reviews of websites, apps, and technology.

Friends, in today’s post we are going to give you a Squirrel Loan App Review is it right to take a loan from this application or not, can you trust this application or not, is real or fake loan app? You will get complete information about it.

What is Squirrel Loan?

Friends, Squirrel is an online instant loan application that promises instant personal loans with an attractive offer. but, there is no information available yet about who has launched this application also it is not available on the Play Store and when this application came on Play Store, it had more than 1 lakh downloads.

According to this application, you can easily take a loan ranging from ₹ 2,000 to ₹ 30,000 by just using your smartphone.

Application NameSquirrel
Launched ByFotint
Loan Range₹2k to ₹30 K
Any type of Fees3% Platform Fees
Interest Rate16% to 28%
Loan Tenure91 Days to 365 Days [Fake]
Launched Year2022
Application Size5.9 MB approx
Total downloads1Lakh Install [ Not Available]
Rating on Play Store4.1 [ Not Availalble ]
Fake or RealFake & Not Safe
WebsiteNo Website
Is it RBI ApprovedRead Full

Squirrel Customer Care Number

Care Number+91 7050190772
Office AddressNot Found
Founder NameNot Found
Email idNot Found

Squirrel Loan App Real or Fake

Squirrel is a fake application because this application is not registered with the NBFC or the RBI also gets you in trouble.

This application has been removed from the Play Store and now it is trapping people by running ads on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are thinking of taking a loan from this application, then you may get trapped in their big Scam and it may be very difficult to escape

Squirrel Loan App Scam

Friends, now let me tell you, if you are thinking of taking a loan from this application, then which scam will you fall into? Friends, suppose, like me, you too must have seen the advertisement of this loan application on Facebook and Instagram where it is being claimed that you will easily get a loan of Rs 30,000 within 5 minutes.

Friends, suppose you have installed this application on your mobile and applied for a loan of ₹ 10000, and your loan gets approved within 5 minutes, then you understand that a scam has started with you.

Friends, the reality of this application is that it gives you a loan only for 7 days. Yes friends, it gives you a loan only for 7 days and you may have to pay 40% to 50% interest on this loan which is more than the loan amount.

You will have to repay this loan within 7 days, which is 2 to 3 times the loan amount, that is, for a loan of Rs 10000, you will have to pay Rs 15k to 17k.

Squirrel App Harassment

Friends, now let us know if you are thinking of taking a loan from this application, then what kind of harassment can happen to you, friends, the scam will start when some loan amount comes to your account.

Friends, as soon as the loan amount comes into your account, you will start being harassed after 5 to 6 days.

For Example: Friends, the employees of this loan application can harass you a lot these people will call you daily and send you messages and will also abuse you on calls and will harass you a lot in messages to repay the loan.

Friends, these people can harass you to a great extent to get repayment, they can even contact your contact list, and along with this, they can also threaten to scare you by making obscene pictures of you and send them to your contact list.

Squirrel Loan App Review

Squirrel Loan App


Author’s Rating
Fake App: Yess
Take Loan: No
RBI Approved: No
Scam: 100%
NBFC Partner: No


Squirrel is a fake loan application If you take a loan from this application, then you can get trapped in their Scam and this will it is very difficult to escape.


How to escape from the loan trap

Friends, whenever you are going to take a loan from any loan application, first of all you have to see its review or related video on YouTube to see whether it is genuine or not. B4Review is a very good website that tells you in advance about fake applications like these.

friends. If you have fallen victim to these fraudulent loan applications, we have provided some helpful ways to help you escape.

  • Don’t Repay Money: Friends, if you are trapped in a loan scam, then you do not have to make any loan repayment from now on because once the repayment is done, they will ask for repayment again and again.
  • Complaint: Friends, if these loan application employees are harassing you by calling or messaging you daily, then first of all you will have to go to the police station and register a complaint or you can also register by calling the number 1930.
  • Don’t Reply: Friends, if any message or call is coming from an unknown number then you should never reply to their message or call because these people save your number.
  • Switch off your SIM: Friends, if you are badly trapped in their loan trap, then the easiest way to avoid it is to switch off your SIM or break it and throw it away because these people will contact you again and again to make repayment.


Squirrel Loan App Review: Friends, if you have read our post till here then you must have understood that Squirrel is a fake loan application.

It is easy to take a loan from a Squirrel Loan application but once you get trapped in its Scam then it can be very difficult to escape, hence our opinion is that you should not take a loan from this fake loan application.

Friends, now it depends on you whether you take a loan from this application or not. We have given you complete information about this application. If you find any mistake in this post, then you can tell us by commenting.

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