DJI Earning App Review- Real or Fake

Friends, do you also want to earn money online? Do you also want to make high returns on small investments, then you must have heard about the DJI Earning App through YouTubers, and this application is becoming quite viral right now, friends, the question is should we invest on this earning platform or not?

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Friends, you know that nowadays a lot of scams are going on in the market regarding these fake earning apps. New apps keep coming in the market and keep attracting people. Is the DJI Earning App also going to defraud you? Will this application run away with your money?

We are going to give you the answers to all these questions in today’s post because, in today’s post, you are going to learn about the DJI Earning App Review additionally B4Review is a trusted website that gives you well-researched reviews of websites, apps, and technology.

DJI Earning App Details?

In reality, DJI is a drone-making company this company makes drones for its customers but some mischievous people have created an online earning platform by using/copying the logo and name of this company so that people can feel that it is a trusted and real company. To attract people, it launches such investable products on its platform which forces people to invest in them.

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According to the DJI Earning App, you can earn ₹ 8000 per month by investing only 320 rupees here. Yes, you heard it right, you can earn ₹ 8000 per month from this platform, which means you can earn 10x of your investment.

But one surprising thing is that this application is promoted only by YouTubers and Telegram channels. Its official website is not promoting it anywhere, which means there is something wrong with it. If you read the entire article, you will understand yourself.

When such platforms are created, they launch such attractive offers to woo people that they are forced to invest in them. You can see in the chart below how many attractive offers they have.

  • Plan:- DJI Normal Plan
Plan NameInvestment Amount (Rs)Daily Earning (Rs)Total Earning (Rs)Period
DJI normal plan 01₹320₹80₹8000100 Days
DJI normal plan 02₹3200₹3200₹110000100 Days
DJI normal plan 03₹9200₹3700₹370000100 Days
DJI normal plan 04₹1820010000₹1000000100 Days
DJI normal plan 05₹3820026000₹2600000100 Days
DJI normal plan 06₹5820048500₹4850000100 Days
DJI normal plan 07₹7820080000₹8000000100 Days
DJI normal plan 08₹98200₹120000₹12000000100 Days
DJI normal plan 09₹128200₹180000₹18000000100 Days
DJI normal plan 10₹148000300000₹30000000100 Days
  • Plan:- DJI Special Plan
Plan NameInvestment Amount (Rs)Daily Earning (Rs)Total Earning (Rs)Period
Nuclear Power Award 1₹5555₹3100₹9300030 day
Nuclear Power Award 2₹6666₹4100₹12300030 day
Nuclear Power Award 3₹7777₹5100₹15300030 day
Nuclear Power Award 4₹8888₹6100₹18300030 day
Nuclear Power Award 5₹9999₹8100₹24300030 day
Nuclear Power Award 6₹11111₹22222₹66666030 day
Nuclear Power Award 7₹15555₹35555₹106665030 day
Nuclear Power Award 8₹19999₹49999₹49999010 days

Friends, such attractive investable products are given in this application and even if you do not have money to invest in it, you can still earn money from this application but for that, you will have to share your referral link with your friends and ask them to invest. If they invest in this through your gender then you can earn up to 15% of their investment amount and this will be your referral income.

DJI Earning App Real or Fake

Dji is an online earning and investing platform and here you can make high returns on low investments on this platform and also if you do not have money to invest then you can also earn a 15% commission by referring a friend but Dji Earning App is a fake earning platform and we will never advise you to invest on this platform and stay away from this application as much as possible because if you invest in it, you may have to face a lot of trouble.

Because such earning platforms remain in the market only for one to one and a half months and when these apps become profitable, they close their customer support and website and run away; whatever you have invested in it everything goes away as well as your money.

From this type of earning application, only those people earn who refer to it, that is, YouTubers and Telegram channels, these are the people who earn the most from these applications, hence our opinion is that it would be better if you do not invest in this platform and even if you are investing, it should be in a small amount. If you invest more in it then you can also lose your money.

Reasons to not invest in this fake investment app:-

  • Copying Real company logo and name to build trust
  • Dji is drone drone-making company and they never launched any earning app.
  • There is no company founder
  • We could not find any social media handle.
  • This app is not available in the Play Store & AppStore
  • They will never provide withdrawal in the future.

DJI Earning App Review

DJI Earning App

Sarthak Gupta

Author’s Rating


DJI is a drone-making company and it has never launched its investing and earning app, this DJI earning app is made only to scam people, in this only the referrer earns, and we do not recommend investing on this platform, if you invest in it then your money is going to be lost.



Friends, in today’s article we have given complete information about the DJI Earning App. Today we have analyzed the full and detailed analysis of this application and explained to you whether you should invest in this application or not. Friends, if you still want to invest in it. If you are interested then invest only in the amount. If you invest in more amount then this app will run away with your money.

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