ABM Earning App Review: Real or Fake?

Friends, are you also looking for a platform where you want to earn more profit on less investment, then you must have heard about ABM Earning App, because this platform is being promoted by YouTubers and Telegram channels, but the question is whether we should invest in it or not.

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Friends, in today’s time, new earning applications keep coming into the market every day, but the question always remains whether we should invest in these platforms or not. This is the biggest worry, so in today’s post, we will we are going to review the ABM Earning App, here you will be told whether you should invest in it or not, if you invest then you can withdraw it or not, and you will know all this information today in this post.

ABM Earning App Details

In reality, ABM Industry is a United States Facility Management Company but some mischievous people have made an earning platform of this company by copying its Logo and company name, this platform allows you to invest in its products because this platform gives you such attractive offers that People are forced to invest in this investment platform.

App Linkhttps://m.abm-indinvest.ru/register?invitationCode=LqEk9

Friends, according to this Abm Invest earning app application, here you can make 10x on your investment amount, this is what the company claims, because this platform is promoted by YouTubers and Telegram channels, so the same people advise you to invest in it, this platform gives you different opportunities. Allows you to invest in a variety of products which you can see in the charts below.

  • Plan:- High Tech
Plan NameInvestment Amount (Rs)Daily Earning (Rs)Total Earning (Rs)Period
Industry & Manufacturing 1₹467.00₹130.76₹6,538.0050 Days
Industry & Manufacturing 2₹1,960.00₹627.20₹30,105.6048 Days
Technology & Data Center 1₹5,060.00₹1,771.00₹81,466.0046 Days
Technology & ata Center 2₹21,600.00₹8,208.00₹361,152.0044 Days
Life Sciences 1₹55,600.00₹22,240.00₹934,080.0042 Days
Life Sciences 2₹96,000.00₹43,200.00₹1,728,000.0040 Days
  • Plan:- Value Added
Plan NameInvestment Amount (Rs)Daily Earning (Rs)Total Earning (Rs)Period
Nuclear Power Award 1₹300.00₹459.00₹459.001 days
Nuclear Power Award 2₹1,660.00₹913.00₹₹2,739.003 days
Nuclear Power Award 3₹4,560.00₹2,736.00₹8,208.003 days
Nuclear Power Award 4₹9,500.00₹6,175.00₹18,525.003 days
Nuclear Power Award 5₹20,500.00₹14,350.00₹43,050.003 days
Nuclear Power Award 6₹45,000.00₹33,750.00₹101,250.003 days
Nuclear Power Award 7₹68,000.00₹54,400.00₹163,200.003 days
Nuclear Power Award 8₹89,000.00₹80,100.00₹240,300.003 days
  • Plan:- Efficient 
Plan NameInvestment Amount (Rs)Daily Earning (Rs)Total Earning (Rs)Period
EV ecosystem 1₹590.00₹188.80₹4,342.4023 days
EV ecosystem 21,300.00₹650.00₹1,950.003 days
EV ecosystem 33,900.00₹1,365.00₹31,395.0023 days
EV ecosystem 48,900.00₹3,293.00₹75,739.0023 days

And if you do not have money to invest in it then you can still earn money from it, you just have to share your referral link with your friends, and family members and ask them to invest if they like. If they invest through Link, you will get a commission on their investment. you will get Rs 100+32% + 5% on each referral. You can generate good daily revenue from this but we do not recommend that you invest in this platform because such platforms are created to scam you.

ABM Earning App Real or Fake

ABM is an online earning and investing platform where you can make returns up to 10x in small investments and also by referring you can earn 32% commission from it, but ABM Earning App is a fake earning application and our opinion would be that You should stay away from this platform because it can also cheat you if you invest in it. We have given below the reasons why we should not invest in this platform, you must read it.

Reasons to not invest in this fake investment app:-

  • ABM is a facility management provider in the United States and does not have any investment plan or app.
  • There is no Founder Name mentioned.
  • They just copy real companies’ names and logos to build trust.
  • There is no social media handle for this application
  • There are all investment products are fake.
  • This Application is not found on Playstore and Appstore.
  • They will not provide withdrawal in the future.
  • This is not an Indian website and no registration was found.
  • This Company’s Domain name is Russian which makes Scammy.

ABM Earning App Review

ABM Earning App

Sarthak Gupta

Author’s Rating


ABM is an online earning and investing platform that is becoming very famous nowadays because it is being promoted by YouTubers and Telegram channels. Along with this, this platform claims that it can provide you with high returns on low investments. By sharing this you can earn commission up to 32%.
Such platforms run in the market only for 1 month and when they become profitable they run away with your money, if you know about this application then you can also give your review by commenting.



In today’s post, we have given a review of the ABM Earning App and also told you whether you have to invest in it or not. Today we have given you all this information in this post.
Now it depends on you whether you want to invest in this application or not. If you are investing in it then you should invest only in it. If you invest more then your money may also get lost.

ABM Earning App Alternative:-

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