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Friends, ABM earning app is becoming quite viral in the market. Friends, the question is whether we should invest in this platform or not and whether this platform will double or quadruple your money or not this is the biggest question because many big YouTubers are promoting this platform.

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Friends, B4Review is a trusted website that gives you well-researched reviews of websites, apps, and technology.

In today’s post, we will talk about ABM Earning App Review which is quite viral these days the question is whether this platform is real or not, whether should we invest in it or not, or will this platform run away with our money. So, you will get answers to all these questions in this post.

ABM Earning App Details!

ABM is a kind of online investing and earning platform where you can earn good money for free and by investing. You can earn up to ₹ 25 daily for Free and by investing here you can earn up to ₹ 130 daily, Only by investing 467, this platform claims that you can make very high returns on small investments from their platform, from here you can make 10x times of your invested amount, this is what this application claims.

Friends, about this application you must have heard on YouTube and through the Telegram channel, where they are telling you that you can earn more profit by investing less in this application if you download it from their link. These people show you many offers for investing and these offers are quite attractive due to which the user is forced to invest in these platforms.

ABM Earning App Referral Earning

Friends, if you do not have money to invest in this platform, then you can generate good earnings from this platform by sharing this platform with your friends and family. Friends, you will get Rs 100+31% + 5% on each referral.

Also if you invite 10 people here then you can earn ₹ 50 more daily, but to create an account you will need its referral link. You cannot even create your account without that link. If you create an account in the ABM Earning App then we have given the link, you can create your account by clicking on it.

ABM Earning App

Read the Full Review Before Investing in this Platform

  • If the friend you refer makes the first investment, you can get 100 rupees
  • If your friends invest in the platform, you can get 35% of the total investment.

Invite A to invest successfully, and get an additional reward of 100+35% of A’s total investment. When A invites B, you will get 2% of B’s total investment B invites C, and you will get 1% of C’s total investment.

Level 131% +5% + 100rs
Level 22%
Level 31%

ABM Earning App Investment Plans

Friends, do you want to earn money by investing in the ABM Earning App, then you will get three types of products on this platform where you can earn money by investing. Friends, the names of these three products are Plan High-tech, Plan Value Added, and Plan Efficient by investing you will get 10x of your investment.

  • Plan:- High Tech
Plan NameInvestment Amount (Rs)Daily Earning (Rs)Total Earning (Rs)Period
Industry & Manufacturing 1₹467.00₹130.76
50 Days
Industry & Manufacturing 2₹1,960.00₹627.20
48 Days
Technology & Data Center 1₹5,060.00₹1,771.00
46 Days
Technology & ata Center 2₹21,600.00₹8,208.00
44 Days
Life Sciences 1₹55,600.00₹22,240.00
42 Days
Life Sciences 2₹96,000.00₹43,200.00
40 Days
  • Plan:- Value Added
Plan NameInvestment Amount (Rs)Daily Earning (Rs)Total Earning (Rs)Period
Nuclear Power Award 1₹300.00₹459.00₹459.001 days
Nuclear Power Award 2₹1,660.00₹913.00₹₹2,739.003 days
Nuclear Power Award 3₹4,560.00₹2,736.00₹8,208.003 days
Nuclear Power Award 4₹9,500.00₹6,175.00₹18,525.003 days
Nuclear Power Award 5₹20,500.00₹14,350.00₹43,050.003 days
Nuclear Power Award 6₹45,000.00₹33,750.00₹101,250.003 days
Nuclear Power Award 7₹68,000.00₹54,400.00₹163,200.003 days
Nuclear Power Award 8₹89,000.00₹80,100.00₹240,300.003 days
  • Plan: Efficient

No product has been contained in this plan yet but after some time you can see products here where you can invest there are some problems in it, and we will explain them further.

How to Create an Account in the ABM Earning App

Friends, do you also want to invest in this Abm earning application and want to earn more money? For that, first of all, you will have to open your account. We have given the steps below with the help of which you can open the account easily.

  • To open an account, first, you have to go to its official website through our link
  • First Enter your Phone Number.
  • After Entering, Add your Safe Password.
  • Then you have to add your Nick Name
  • After Filling this then enter OTP.
  • After this you will see an option named Register, click on it.
  • After doing all this you will be successfully registered in this app.
  • Now, you can earn money in different plans by investing.
App Linkhttps://m.abm-indinvest.ru/register?invitationCode=LqEk9

ABM Earning App Withdrawal Process

Withdraw Instructions:-

  • Withdrawals between 10:00 to 20:30
  • Minimum Recharge 100rs
  • The minimum Withdrawal is Rs. 200
  • Maximum Withdrawal is Rs. 50000
  • Handling fees is: 4.00%
  • You can withdraw only once in a day

ABM Earning App Real or Fake?

ABM is a Fake earning and investing platform. If you are thinking of investing in this platform, then our opinion is that it is better if you do not invest in this platform because such platforms remain in the market only for some time and when they make a profit then they run away with your money.

If you still want to earn money by investing on this platform, then you should invest only in the lowest plan, that is, buy a plan of Rs. 467, after that, you will enter VIP 1, and from there you can generate a good income, but this application remains in the market for 1 month, so get out as soon as possible after making a profit in it.

Because such platforms remain in the market for one to one and a half months and till then they keep giving you withdrawals, but as soon as the time comes for them to run away, they do not give you withdrawals, and your money gets stuck in this and you fall into this scam.

ABM Earning App Lanch Date24 April, 2024
ABM Telegram Channel LinkABM Earning App Launch Date

Reasons to not invest in this fake investment app:-

  • No Founder Found
  • They Real Use Company Logo
  • They Use Company Name
  • No Privacy Policy
  • No Social Media Account
  • Registration number not found
  • No Withdrawal
  • Not on the Play Store
  • Not on the App Store
  • Scam People with their Plans
  • Not From India
  • Russian Website
  • Scammed People with their Fake Plans

ABM Earning App Alternative:-

ABM Earning APP Review

ABM Earning App

Sarthak Gupta

Author’s Rating
Scam People
High Risk
Will be closed on 1 June


ABM Earning App is a fake investing app if you invest your money in it then your money will be scammed so our opinion is that you should not invest on this platform because such platforms remain in the market only for one and a half months.


ABM Earning App Review: Thank you friends for reading our article. In today’s article, we have given complete information about ABM App, we have even told you whether you should invest in it or not and also told you about its scam.

If you still want to earn money by investing on this platform, then this is your opinion, we have given complete information from our side. If you have any problem, then you can tell us by commenting. We will try our best to solve your problem.

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